Sunday, August 06, 2006

Preparing For CMM Assessment

Next monday, our company will have a CMM Assessment and it will be finished next Friday (and then i can go home to Jogja for some vacation for about 10 days). It's quite important for us, as conforming CMM level 2 (Repeatable) is one of our company mission and here is the judgement day. By conforming CMM Level 2, we can be more mature in our processes and also in our software development process as we can tracks so many things related to the projects and we may have predict it much better from the first project to the latest project.

I got the first session which will start at 13.30 AM and it will be 1 hour session. After that, it will go through all of my colleagues (except for Markus, Widya, and Stella). Let's hope for the best and hopefully our company can get sertification for CMM level 2.