Thursday, August 24, 2006

Re-upgrade Again

Yesterday i have downloaded kernel which contains some bug fix which related to security. Last night i installed that kernel and this morning i saw another updates to the -stable kernel again, which was This updates also contains quite a lot of fixes and most of them have major impact if it matches the system architechture (some of the fixes are spesific to certain architechture). I have download this kernel version and if i don't have lot to do tonight, i will re-upgrade my kernel version.

Upgrading kernel itself is not a difficult one. The problem is time. In my laptop, all upgrade process will take approximately 1 hours (including editing lilo, rebooting, re-installing NVidia driver, and testing the kernel itself). but luckily, most of them can be done automatically (installation process). Only some part should be done manually. Waiting for the next kernel release (2.6.18).

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