Friday, August 04, 2006

Moving Another Packages

Mandriva developer teams have moved another packages into their new SVN services. This time, they moved userdrake, mdkonline, rpmdrake, and control-center packages which used to be in CVS services. This was confirmed by an email from Olivier Blin that i got this morning. I have checked out the latest repo paths and also updating the Mandriva's wiki page for SVN usage.

One good things is that the developer wanted to started notifying other translator via the mailing list in case there has been an update to the POT file, as for now, the translation page is not related to the SVN statistics, so it's quite difficult to know when something has been changed. I hope they will provide some kind of web interface like did with their CVS and SVN web interface. It can make translator's task easier as we can view the changes online and quickly without having to look on each line (mostly for big translations, like DrakX).

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