Monday, August 14, 2006

Slackware 11.0 RC1

Today Pat has announced that Slackware 11.0 has reached 11.0 RC1 version. It's basically the same as -current, but he just put a label on it. The latest changelog consists of kernel updates for 2.4.x, udev, tcpip, and also glibc. I'm not able to download all of this due to slow Internet connection at my house (still using dial up), but let's see tommorrow, as i will go to my campuss and there we have a quick connection. I will use the WiFI instead of wires, as i don't have any access to any of it's facility anymore :D

Slackware does getting closer to Slackware 11.0 final release which (i think) will be released this year and after that, Pat will start breaking the -current again with lots and lots of new applications/libraries. Kernel 2.6.17.x will also be updated in -current as for now, it has it's residence on /testing and 2.6.16.x will be used instead for the supported kernel series in Slackware 11.0 release. Happy waiting :D


  1. i'm very surprise that slackware still using kernel 2.4 on it's current release. My hardware had a big problem with kernel 2.6, which is the default kernel for most current popular distro. It only enabled by 2.4.

    I hope this version of slackware will break this barrier.

  2. yeah, it's to radical to just abandon 2.4.x kernel and it's soooo stable for Pat, so he leaved 2.4.33 in the supported kernel series.

    What kind of hardware do you have? In my case, all of my hardware was fine with 2.6 and some had problem with 2.4