Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Release : KDE 3.5.4

Few weeks ago i just downloaded KDE 3.5.3 which has just been recompiled with libpng, but now, KDE has move towards to a more stable version by releasing KDE 3.5.4. It's a maintainance release of KDE and it contains a quite importants updates for stability and also some new features. Here are the most significant enhancements :
* Improved removable device support in Linux (users can now mount all devices supported by FreeDesktop's HAL and control how it will be done)
* Speed optimisations in Konsole and Kate
* Multiple holidays can now start on the same date in KOrganizer
* Lots of fixes in Konqueror's HTML engine, KHTML
* The dialog for sending client-side SSL certificates is now more usable
* KNetworkConf now supports Fedora Core 5 and handles WEP keys better

But, what i like in this release is they enhance their KHTML engine so that it supports some of CSS3's property as you can see in their changelog and in KHTML section. Although the CSS3 Specification is still being worked by W3C, some browser vendor has tried to implement some of them partially and hopefully when the specification has been finalized and published, most of the browser should have implement most of the specification.

Nice work KDE Team :D
looking forward to KDE 4


  1. There's not enough thing to make me goes to 3.5.4 :). Afterall, I've been using fluxbox again since these few past weeks :p

  2. Well, several enhancements makes me wants to upgrade to KDE 3.5.4 and i did :D

    It worked and no major problems occurred.