Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Adding VB Namespace

I had a VB code which has to be converted into C# and it uses a Chr function which (i think) is not available on C#. I have been trying to use ASCIIEncoding class to convert ASCII number to the equivalent character, but still it doesn't fulfill my need. So i'm trying to add Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace into the application and define the Chr method. It worked, but i got an error message: Cannot find the EntryPoint for the DLL. Anybody has a solution for this?

It's not the only function that is missing in C#. Maybe they thought because you can add the other assembly/namespace onto the current project and you can have it, but another question arise: "How do i browse the functions inside DLL files?". There's a lot of DLL in Windows platform and not too much documentation about it. That's what MSDN comes for to help you, but it won't help you that much. Some of the private function are not accessible through MSDN.

Such a life in proprietary world :D

Personally, i'm enjoying web application since most of the standards are open and available for public, mostly when they come from W3C.

Update (7 Dec 2006:7:34): Surprising. I spend almost half a day to solve this problem and when i got home last night, i tried it again and solve it in less than 5 minutes. I think my brain was overheating yesterday :D

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