Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back on Blog Again

After three days without blogging, since the disrupted Internet connection due to earthquake in Taiwan, i managed to post again. The Internet connection is not yet fully recovered, but it's better, since i can connect to YM to contact my friends/colleagues, browsing to GMail to check my messages, and browsing to some abroad sites. I had to use TelkomnetInstan to be able to post on this blog again, since my primary ISP, Citranet is still unable to look for Blogger's new IP. Maybe their bandwidth is still reserved for more important client, such as governments and military.

Well, my father has came back from the hospital after staying for two days and he's in recovery phase right now. Since my mother had to go to US to look for my grand mother, i had to stay a little bit longer in Jogja and take care of my father. I was supposed to go back to Jakarta at 3 January, but i think i will stay for one more week and make sure that my father has fully recovered before me and my sister go back to Jakarta again. That means, i had to work with slow Internet connection, since i'm still using dial up connection at my house, compared to ADSL connection at my office.
Well... at least i can post something on my blog again.

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