Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remember Your Limit

If you read the update section on my previous post, then you should know what i'm going to talk about in this post. Sometimes, when we were at work, we find ourself always being chased by deadline or busy schedule all day long and sometimes, it didn't give us a chance to relax even for a bit just to lower the pressure.

But sometimes you have to remember your limit. When you are doing something and you are stuck on one thing for quite a long time, please consider to do something else and forget about what you do for some time. Have a tea, chat with your friend, do some sports, or any other activities that can help you reduce the pressure on it and get back to the work again when you think you are ready to handle it again (it depends on where are you right now. If you are in the office, then take 5-10 minutes off. But if you are working your job at home, you can sleep for a while).

Small analogy will explain this method. Our body is like a machine which has limitations. If we are forced to do lots of activities all day long, we might feel exhausted, both physically and mentally. If we are very tired, then our productivity will drop and it's not good for our health also. Small example, if you are a programmer and having a difficult algorithm that has to be implemented and you're stuck at one part and keep pushing yourself, you might get headache at the end (and you may not finish the algorithm also). That's two disadvantages. Will it be better to have a small break when you are at your limit and let your mind have some rest before you restart your work again?

Well, i have this method works on me. I hope it works also for you who read this :D