Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kompas: Cyber Media or Cyber Banner?

If you visit Kompas, then you will see that the page is very very slow, due to lots of banners and advertisement around the page itself. Most of them are Flash-based, so if you want to make the page loads faster, disable the flash plugins if you want to visit Kompas. Other solution which is a lot better is to use RSS provided by Kompas. They provide category-based RSS feeds, so just subscribe to the category that you like to subscribe. But most of the cases, RSS feeds only contains the headline and the summary of the article, not full article. If we want to read the full article, we should open up our browser and go to the URL (and meet the banners again).

I was wondering whether Kompas should change their text into "Kompas: Cyber Banner" (original: Kompas: Cyber Media) and "KCM - Hanya Berisi Banner" (original: KCM - Bukan Sekadar Berita) because it's full of Banners, not information.


  1. Two words: Adblock Plus.

  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    "Let's give news to those ads," Kompas said. :)

  3. Apparently, according to Kompas, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework in order to read their RSS. Talk about clueless...

  4. @ronny: I have been using AdBlock, but it can't block the SWF format. Is there any difference between the normal AdBlock and AdBlock Plus? Or should i entered the SWF filename manually because there's no way to look for the path from the browser except for looking from the source.

    I don't know whether i'm wrong or the IT division of Kompas who don't know about RSS. Read RSS needs .NET Framework? Give me a break :D
    I can open it on Firefox browser and it's very very simple. No other application needed.