Thursday, December 21, 2006

Start Packing

In Saturday, i will go back to my hometown to celebrate christmas and also new year with my family and my girlfriend. It's two days from now, so i guess i should start packing my stuffs which i want to bring back. I will be in Jogja for about 10 days and i will be back to Jakarta at 3 January 2007. Why not 2? Because i have to attend my friend's wedding party.

I will keep checking my emails and blogging (except when my ISP is down) and give everything i experienced while i'm in Jogja for 10 days. If possible, i will take some pictures and put it on my blog.

Ah... can't wait to come back to Jogja :D


  1. nanti tak kasih oleh-oleh Kuliax 6.0 Wil kalo mo balik ke Jakarta :D

  2. wah thank you banget wan, meskipun benere aku bisa download lewat kantor sih

    (masa download Slackware 11.0 3 CD dan Mandriva 2007 7 CD aja kelar, download kuliax 1 CD ga kelar??) hehehe