Friday, December 15, 2006

Indonesian Linux Distribution For Education: Kuliax

After several Linux distribution release, finally we have a new distribution which comes from Indonesia: Kuliax. I think It's based on Ubuntu/Edubuntu Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable and KNOPPIX. Here's the description of the project (taken from their original web site):
Kuliax Project is an effort to bring Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to University education, especially in Indonesia. Many students and lecturers have been "addicted" to the closed-source and expensive software that they couldn't afford or not suitable with their needs. Universities encouraged to do something important to the _real_ meaning of education by using and developing FOSS. FOSS gives civitas academica freedom to use, study, modify, and distribute all software released under its licenses. We should spend more money to the empowerment of human resources, instead of products. This is great, if each universities generate as many as possible people who can develop themself and their surrounding with 'true and open' knowledge, the one that forgeted by some/most education institutions.

Kuliax Project provides bridge between students, lecturers, and civitas academica to cooperate with each other. In Bahasa Indonesia, it's called Gotong Royong. Like the logo which symbolizes people's hands that holds one to another, making a square.

The near possible milestone to reach that goal is developing Linux distro to fit University or Campus needs and invite people to join in.

Kuliax, is one of the implementation for the first milestone, Linux distro for Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related department, but it's likely can be used by some others departments as well. It tries to provide "base system" and applications suited to the curriculum/syllabus.

You can see their complete list of application in this page. It has a lot of application commonly used for education. You can also see the roadmap for this distribution in the future. See all the screenshots here.

I hope that this distribution will get a lot of supports, especially from the government, so that it can be widely used in many college or other education institute. You can help also by contributing to this project, helping distributing it or by advertising it on your blog page or website.


  1. waaaa.... akhirnya ada distro seperti ini. Distro impian..

    Kapan yah masuk kambing?

  2. mencoba download yang konon dari ugm tetapi kok responnya:

    404 Not Found

    Not Found
    The requested URL /ISO/ was not found on this server.


  3. Iya nich, aku dah kirim ke milis jogja-linux. Mungkin baru ada masalah (atau mungkin malah overload) hehehe

    sabar ya hehehe

  4. Hmm... mungkin bisa masuk kambing, apalagi ugm masih jaringan lokal inheren. Btw, musti rsync ke mana?

    Disitu sudah banyak sekali mirrornya sekarang (termasuk Kambing dan kawan2)

  6. Anonymous6:00 PM

    BlankOn Linux???
    Keep on going, guys!

    -Gary, Qatar.