Saturday, December 09, 2006

Do It In Your Language

Sometimes when we work on a company, there's some standards which has been stated by the management. Let's see an example of an IT Company which decided to use a programming language X (you may define it by yourself). You may not familiar with this programming language, but you have to understand it as soon as possible, as this is the language that will be used in your daily activities and your career will be judged (well, consider it as a preliminary test) by how quick you can adapt with this new changes and new technology.

One day, you have a client which as a product A which has been build using another language programming, let's say Y and your job is to convert the old program to the new environment/language, which is being used in your company, which is X. We all know that each programming language has it's own characteristics, so there's some features that X has and not available for Y and vice versa. You might encounter some problem like i did in the last three days and you might get frustrated by that.

Let's assume that you mastered another programming language, called Z and you understand it very well. When you're stuck with the conversion (for example because you still don't understand too much on how the X programming language works because it uses a different ways in order to solve simple things thus displays the incorrect results or perhaps there's some limitation that makes your road a dead end), try to convert them into your favorite programming language, just what i did last night. When i got home, i tried to make a new code on my favorite programming language and suddenly almost 95% of the algorithm works (well, i had to make them 100% and i did it this morning and it's just a simple typo and little fix on the structure of the code) and displays the same results that i wanted to.

When you get this code right, then you can start working with X programming language and convert them from your favorite Z language. It will be much better rather than converting from Y directly. I know this takes more time, but just like my previous post about remembering your limit, i think a little time wasted is worthed rather than frustrating yourself and at the end, you got nothing.

This is just my simple experience and i don't expect 100% agreement by all of you (because i know that this idea is considered time wasting or inefficient by some people), but at least it worked for me. Tell me when it applies to you too :D


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    That's a good idea, but for me, it will takes many time and I don't think I can do it effectively.. :D Double work.

  2. I know. I already mention that at the end of my post right? It may or may not suitable for you and to everybody else. It's normal :D

    BTW, i did that method on weekend, so i have lots of time :D