Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sticky Notes

Have you ever used KNotes before? If you are Linux users and you are using KDE, you can find it in the kdepim packages. In the application menu, usually you will find it under Utilities > Desktop > Popup Notes (Knotes). It's an useful application, because it can be used to record your ToDo list on your desktop without having to open Kontact application (well, you can view the note also in Kontact, since it's integrated withing Kontact packages also). Instead of buying sticky papers and put them all around your monitor, you can view them on your computer screen (you do have to turn it on the computer, of course).

What if you are using Windows? You can find the equivalent application, called Sticky Notes. It's a freeware application, so you can get and use it without having to pay for the license. It has an UI interface which almost the same as KNotes with small improvements. It has several version, ranging from free application to commercial application. You can see the comparison here.

One of the feature i don't like in this version is the default hotkey to display all the notes, which is set to CTRL + S, which is commonly used to save in many application, but as always, you can redefine the hotkeys as you like. Other minor bug that i found is that new settings will not apply to current note, so you will have to create new note to use the new setting. This application can be set to use transparency also, so it won't take up all of your desktop.

Here's the full list of features that are available on the free-version:
• write down your ideas and thoughts in a quick and easy way using pc sticky notes;
• stick notes on your computer desktop;
• drag and drop sticky notes anywhere you want on your desktop;
• choose individual visual appearance for each sticky note;
• change note color and font;
• change note size manually or using zoom feature;
• set up default settings for newly created pc sticky notes notes;
• use transparency feature;
• export/import notes database;
• print sticky notes and take them with you;
• automatically save changes in sticky notes;
• efficiently organized sticky notes on the desktop - create notes with different priorities (high level - "Always on the top", normal level - "Standard Windows order", low level - "On the bottom");
• show/hide sticky notes;
• roll-up notes to show only note's title;
• automatically insert date and time of creation in note's title;
• protect pc sticky notes from casual delete using lock/unlock commands;
• use "autolock" function;
• use hotkeys to create sticky notes, show/hide notes etc;
• use note scrolling;
• access sticky notes and program options from the system tray.

Here's the screenshot of my first Note:

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