Saturday, December 23, 2006

Arrived in Jogja

Finally at about 5:21 PM, i arrived in Jogja. I should have arrived in Jogja at 2.30 PM if the airways didn't change the schedule as they like. They changed our schedule 4x before the final schedule was set to 4:30. The weather wasn't rainy, but it's still not the best weather when you were travelling using plane. When i arrived, a lot of my relatives pick us up and i was quite surprised, since usually only 1 people who picked me, but today there were 2 cars to pick us up (maybe our luggage was too much so that it won't be fit in only one car).

This is my second visit to my hometown after the earthquake which heavily damaged Jogja in May. I see that most of the buildings had been rebuild and most of them were finished. There were some new addon to Jogja also, like the new big screen near Garuda Hotel and Malioboro which display a video about Jogja. It uses Windows operating system, because i saw a confirmation dialog which ask the operator when he/she wants to delete something. Quite funny. Too bad i didn't bring my sister's digicam, so i couldn't take the screenshot of it.

Maybe that's all for now, as i didn't have too much time to travel around Jogja today, but i will write quite a lot of changes about Jogja during my vacation here in Jogja.

Time to sleep now. It's almost midnight :D


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I never notice the confirmation dialog on the big screen there... I think you're lucky to have that kind of opportunity. Hehehe...

  2. yes, i know
    i saw it twice. The first one is delete confirmation dialog, and the second one is replace confirmation dialog. That was in one day :D

  3. Thx for sharing your Experience