Saturday, December 02, 2006

Practices Makes Perfect

Last night i watched 24 season 5 where Jack had to faced another terrorist who wanted to release Sentox VX nerve gas after they discover that a US agent has infiltrated their organization. The gas was supposed to be used to attack Moscow. The first initial testing of the gas was on Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall, but since Jack managed to shut down the air system, the damage could be reduced to minimum, even though some people had been infected by the gas.

What's interesting in that movie was the evacuation procedure. In big countries, people were trained to understand evacuation process since in elementary school. This practice is a good approach, since we never know what kind of disaster that will happen to us in the future. Examples of disaster which requires a good evacuation procedures are (taken from Wikipedia):

* eruptions of volcanoes
* cyclones
* floods
* earthquakes
* military attacks
* industrial accidents
* traffic accidents, including train or aviation accidents
* fire
* bombings
* terrorist attacks
* military battles
* etc

Well, i don't see that kind of training implemented here in Indonesia, mostly for they who worked on tall and big buildings (for example buildings in Sudirman's area). Even though it looks embarrassing to run out of the buildings when there's nothing wrong, but it's still an important thing to be done, even for precaution. And also, this kind of training should be conducted in a scheduled period, for example twice a year.

Remember, practices makes perfect.