Saturday, March 31, 2007

Arranging Books and Items

Most of my items in Jakarta has been transfered to Jogja with some help from my uncle. The only things left in Jakarta was clothes, a small rack and also some items which i still need in my daily life, but it will be transfered also in the next following weeks. When i arrived to Jogja, i had to start arranging my items since i had a lot of items on my room which i don't need it anymore, but there's no more rooms for the items from Jakarta, so i had to arrange all of them by removing items which i don't need and moving some items which i think is still usable in the future and put them on a box but i didn't throw it away. With some help from my mother, finally we finish the arrangements in less than 1 hour and now my room is clean again (few hours ago, it was messed up with lots of things).

Even though it's already finished, but it's not the end of the arrangements. I will need to do more arrangements because i wanted to have more space on my room, so i guess at weekend i will be busy with this kind of arrangements. Most of the items were books (novel, programming book, comics).

I hope it won't take too much time, so i have some time to upgrade my Slackware system on my desktop into Slackware-Current so it will be the same with the laptop.

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