Thursday, March 29, 2007

HTML Validator Now Extended

One of my must-have Firefox extension is HTML Validator from this site. It will help you validating your page you are viewing (or developing) without having to visit W3C's validator so you can do it offline. Few days ago, this extension has been updated with a major addition to the parser and algorithm. Here's the new feature in the new version:
# validation with a different algorithm, a SGML parser (OpenSP). It is the same algorithm program than the one running on The validation is done based on the DTD definition of HTML.

# The help is written in a Wiki web side called Htmlpedia and synchronized at bundle time.

# validation of HTML pages after Javascript or Ajax execution

# the warning/errors pane is divided by columns that can be sorted by line/colum, message type, and so on

# line numbers next to the lines of code

# the number of errors is shown at the top and not at the bottom anymore

# a new XHTML help

The consequences is definitely the size. It was 2 MB now (previously was only 600 KB). But you will have more options after you install this application. Go get them now (Windows and Linux version is available)