Thursday, March 29, 2007

OOo 2.2.0 Released

After the original schedule was delayed for about one month, finally OOo 2.2.0 has been released (but at this time of writing, the main download page is still displaying 2.1.0 version). You can download them from some mirrors down here:
- Goodie Domain Service
- PlanetMirror

Too bad, Indonesian mirror hasn't been updated yet, so i guess it will take 1-2 days to update them.

I will update this post when the official announcement from Louis has come up (he usually write some detail information about the release and send it to the mailing list). Before that happened, consider this as a information leak :D

Update (31 March 2007 01:18 AM): OK, it's not Louis, but John McCreesh who gave the official announcements of the release of 2.2.0 (See LWN article). The official press release can be seen here.