Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Month of ...

It all started when security researcher, HD Moore started to publish a browser's bug once a day for one full month in July 2006. That phenomena is now what we called Month of ... (you name it). We now have "Month of kernel bugs," a "Month of Apple Bugs," and a "Month of PHP Bugs". A newcomer has arrived, "Month of MySpace" where the author will write about bugs that happened in MySpace.

Here's the press release:
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: April 2007 is the Month of Myspace Bugs, Yuss!
April, 2007, will be designated the "Month of Myspace Bugs, Yuss!" Reasons:

1. Myspace is important, in that there are a bazillion users and a kajillion dollars involved.
2. "Months of Bugs" are whiny, attention-seeking ploys for acceptance. Myspace's design use is to enable whiny, attention-seeking ploys for acceptance.
3. "Months of Bugs" are annoying, so rather than suffering through another, we figured it'd be better to just create our own where we could at least direct the content a little.

What's the next "Month of ..." ?? Any ideas?

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