Friday, March 02, 2007

Quick PHP 4.4.6 Release

PHP team has released a new update for PHP 4.4.x version, which is PHP 4.4.6 and fix a crash problem that was introduced in PHP 4.4.5. The problem occurs when session variables are used while register_globals is enabled. This version also upgrades their PCRE version into 7.0 and fix some other minor bugs. Here's the small changelog between 4.4.5 and 4.4.6 (from PHP's Changelog):

* Updated PCRE to version 7.0.
* Fixed segfault in ext/session when register_globals=On.
* Fixed bug #40635 (segfault in cURL extension).
* Fixed bug #40611 (possible cURL memory error).
* Fixed bug #40578 (imagettftext() multithreading issue).
* Fixed bug #40502 (ext/interbase compile failure).
* Fixed bug #40286 (PHP fastcgi with PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN don't kill children when parent is killed).

If you have been using PHP 4.4.x version, it's recommended that you upgrade to this version.

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