Saturday, March 03, 2007

Manually Updating PHPMyAdmin

Few days ago, i have downloaded PHPMyAdmin 2.10.0 and the next day, they released an update which contains only one changes in how PHPMyAdmin should connect to the MySQL Server (whether it should use SSL or not). The default value for the 2.10.0 version is True, which causes some problems on some servers, so they wanted to be changed to False and they did change that with the release of

Instead of having to re-download all of the application, i can update the application manually, because all i have to do is just edit the file and set the value into False and that's it. But wait. The version will need to be updated also, so i start searching for files which set the version of the application and finally i found it. It's in Config.class.php file. There's where the version is stored. I changed it into 2.10.1 and it's completely an updated version of PHPMyAdmin :D


  1. Just a few saalh keitk, Wil. PHPMyAdmin (look at your blog title) :-).