Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back to Jogja

Same as Idban, i will also resign from my current company, but the difference is that i will have my last day by the end of next month (not this month). Another difference is that i will not move to other company. I'm going to pursuit for master degree which have been canceled once since i decided to join this company about one and half year ago. I'm planning to take my master degree at Jogja, my hometown. Why suddenly i decided to take my master degree? It's because i still have a strong motivation to learn new things and i don't know whether i will still have that kind of strong feeling in the next few years or not (hopefully i still do). Some people who have worked sometimes don't care about education anymore, because they think that they can earn money from their current job, but i'm aiming for higher target and master degree is one of the supporting factor and i also like to study and learn new things. That's the main reason.

I will miss all of my friends here in my company. They are good friends and we had a lot of good time together, even though only for about one and half year. But don't worry, as we can still keep in touch via many ways, such as emails, instant messaging, or even by phone.

I have packed most of my personal belonging and now my room is almost empty (last night was the hard work, since my uncle came to my boarding house and pick up most of my belonging and take it with them who also will leave to Jogja tommorrow by car). Most of the items left are clothes and some items which i still need at least for about one month before i completely left Jakarta.

By the way, i'm leaving to Jogja this week and having my holidays and also trying to get information about the master degree that i'm going to pursuit. I hope with the little time i got, i can get the information i need and if possible, i will register also.

I'm a person who can't live without Internet, so i guess i will use Speedy as my Internet Connection Provider when i'm in Jogja. It's great to hear that Speedy has been operating in Jogja, but i hope my area is included in their area. I have experienced using Speedy as my company used this also, so i already know where to complaint if something goes wrong. By having an Internet connection, i'm sure that most of my daily work that requires Internet connection will still continue even if i'm in Jogja (even though it might get slower at the beginning because of the setups done in Jogja).

Well, wish me luck about the trip and also for my master degree.


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Welcome back to Jogja... :D

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    You can use Jogja Media net, unlimited usage with free Cable TV less than Rp 300K/month. It is using DVB though, so the latency is quite high.
    Also since it is using foreign satellite feed (which I doubt is legal) do not be surprised that your routing comes out from China or India :P

  3. hahaha, thanks for the inputs
    i should start looking for fast ISP in jogja :D

  4. uhauauahuahau wah temen2 perlu di beri kabar neh .. :D :D :D

  5. Anonymous8:01 AM

    selamat kembali ke jogja bulan depan, jangan lupa tetap aktif dan dukung KPLI Jogja

  6. Ochik: haha, emang pada mau siapin pesta penyambutan nich? Mau donk hahaha

    IYa, semoga bisa aktif lagi di KPLI Jogja :D

  7. Anonymous10:17 AM

    good luck!
    jd ngiri huhuhu

  8. penyambutan tokoh besar jew kekkekek .. btw si eli dateng ma bawa bojohnya. DIa ma yuyud april ini mau wisuda :D
    besok sabtu pada mau kumpul2 mumpung masih pada lengkap di jogja. Ada astho, mardi, si srex, yuyud, sigit, eli ma bojohnya, ma 1 anak 2004. Lagian mumpung libur jugak huahuahua

  9. sabtu mau kumpul2 dimana emangnya??

  10. sabtu besok kan hari besar. Yg kusebut diatas anak2 bekas yang jaga puskomp, kecuali aku, sigit, eli, ma bojohnya (yang ini cuman penggembira hehehe). PAda mau CSan bareng di kampus tuch sore2an nggak tahu jam berapa mulainya hueheuhe
    Btw ambil S2 di UGM to .. ? eman2, ko .. mbok mendhing ambil di tempat laen.

  11. walah, CSan kok sore2 sih
    jatah mbojo je :D

    aku belum pasti sih. Ini lagi mikir2 mau ambil di UAJY, double degree sih