Saturday, March 17, 2007

K3b 1.0 Final Release

After one and a half year of development time, finally the final K3b 1.0 package has been released by the author (Sebastian Trüg). K3b is a feature-rich and easy to handle CD burning application for GNU/Linux platform which is commonly being used by many people (mostly that uses KDE as their Window Manager). You can see the incomplete Changelog for more detailed changes. It's quite a big jump from the previous stable release, 0.12.17, but i guess it's worthed, since K3b is quite mature for that kind of application and i have experienced of using K3b and it worked perfectly, even though my only experiments was only burning data CD, not other operation which are available.

Here are some feature that are already implemented in K3b:
* Creating data cds
* Creating audio cds
* Creating Video CDs
* Creating mixed-mode CDs
* Creating eMovix CDs
* CD Copy
* DVD burning
* CD Ripping
* DVD Ripping and DivX/XviD encoding
* Save/load projects.
* Blanking of CDR-Ws.
* Retrieving Table of contents and cdr information.
* Writing existing iso images to CD or DVD with optional verification of the written data.
* Writing cue/bin files created for CDRWIN
* DVD copy (no video transcoding yet)
* Enhanced CD device handling

There's a nice article about K3b final release (this article was posted before K3b released 1.0 version)

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