Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fixing Bulb

Two days ago, my bulb had started to mess up. Sometimes, it went off and then on again and each day, the frequency was getting closer, so i guess it's time to replace the bulb and change it with the new one. I have used this bulb for about 1,5 years since i moved to Jakarta up to now and i don't know how long the bulb has been up there. So i get a ladder because a chair is not sufficient to reach the ceiling to plug off the bulb. After that i went to sleep without no light (i usually turn off the lamp when i go to sleep)

So yesterday, i bought a new bulb and when i got back from the office, i take out the new bulb and plug it into the correct place (again i have to take the ladder) and after ensuring that i already put it into the correct position, i started to turn on the switch and it worked. Now my room is shinning again :D