Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Changes in YahooGroups

This morning, i got an email from Yahoo Groups Team saying that they have started to improve YahooGroups and add some more features, including protection to the group owner email addresses. Starting of March 26, YahooGroups will not support IFrame due to security problem described in Yahoo's Security Center. Any IFrame tag will not be showed in the page.

Yahoo will also turn on the Yahoo! Answer module by default on all groups, but this changes will not be available to all groups at one time. They plan to activate this step by step, just like when Blogger decided to get out of Beta phase.

One of the cool feature is the addon of the capacity to the storage which has just been upgraded to 100 MB. This includes files and photos.

Everything is also written in the Yahoo Groups Team Blog, so check that page out for more detailed information and also updates.