Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Laptop for DPR is Canceled

I saw in DetikInet today that the idea of giving laptops to most of DPR member has been canceled. According to the news, just before the final phase, there was a lot of protest from many people (and discussed in some blogs also) saying that it's only wasting money (approximately 12 billion rupiah will be spent for the 550 laptops with 21 million each).

It's said that the idea of giving this laptops has according to the procedures. The procedure might be correct, but unfortunately, it's not what people wants. People has paid a lot of money to the governments (mostly via taxes), but they don't get anything as a feedback. Even some member in DPR disagrees with this idea because of some reasons:
- They can buy their own laptop with his/her salary
- Some of them are not familiar with laptops
- Some of them thinks that they are enough with the PC provided in their office
- It's too much to spent 21 million for one laptop where you can get a nice laptop in 5-10 million
- the budget can be allocated in other sector

Well, personally i agree with the cancellation of this idea because it would save a lot of money and hopefully the budget can be allocated in other sector which is more important than laptops.


  1. 12 million or 21 million?

  2. Laptop for DPR?
    I think if they enter to DPR, they can buy for themselves. It's better if that money for buying laptop, they allocated to build school in the village. They are really need that money.

  3. Can't agree more than that :D
    even their salary for 1 month can be used to buy laptops :D