Friday, March 30, 2007

Journey to Jogja

As usual, i always write down my journey whenever i go somewhere (mostly to Jakarta/Jogjakarta). This time is Jogja and today is the day. At 9 AM, i went to the Blok M to get into airport bus which is the cheapest public transportation if you want to go to the airport (you only need to pay 15000 IDR). The bus was going to leave when i reached there. Luckily the driver saw me and he opened the door for me so i could got into the bus and go with that bus rather than having to wait for the next bus (the bus was already ready behind the current bus, but it's still empty, so i had to wait until the bus is full then it will start leaving the terminal).

The bus didn't go straight to the terminal 1A (where i should go because i use LION AIR airways, but went to the office, because the driver had to drop some persons there. Next route was the international terminal first and then continued by local terminal. I arrived at my terminal at 10 AM, the deadline to do check-in (just imagine if i had to wait for the next bus. What time would i arrive at the airport?), so i started to check-in after my friend who traveled with me already arrived there first. I almost forgot to brought my laptop after i put them in the scanner machine (no wonder my luggage was so light. I realized it after i walked for a few steps and wondering that i might missing something. Luckily the staff put them in a safe place, so nobody could take it).

After checking-in, we went to the upper floor and waited there because the boarding time was still 30 minutes, so i bought 2 Roti Boy because i hadn't had my breakfast and i was worried that it would be a delay (and it did happened) so i decided to bought it. After the boarding time was near, we went to the second scan just before entering the waiting room. This time, i almost forgot to take my cellphones (Argghh...), so this was the second time i forgot to get my items.

At the waiting room, we waited for about 30 minutes before the official announced that we would have one hour delay (it's always like this when i flight with LION AIR. My previous flight with LION was in December and that time, we had 2 hours of delay). The rain started to drop but not too heavy, and i was worried if it will cause more delays, but unfortunately it didn't happened.

We make nice flight, except for the rough landing and also some time wasted in the air because there was a practice by the local air force so we had to take some turn in the air (about 15 minutes) before we could land in Adisucipto Airport. Well, i finally arrived in Jogja safely. It's not the best trip, but i'm safe. That's the main point :D

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