Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Always Review Your Work

Often i saw an article which has a typo in it. Some people just simply ignore them, but some does care about it. Even simple mistakes can bring ambiguity. For example, invincible and invisible. Only a single "n" and "s" would make a difference.

Here are the definitions about both terms:
Invisible : the state of an object which cannot be seen
Invincible : the state of being impervious to all methods of harm

What happened if you write a journal or international publications? You will get embarrassed or people might think you are lazy to do some reviews before submitting your work. In most cases, you can use the spell checker which is available in most application (mostly in Office suite, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org). Unfortunately, in some application, the default language is English, so if you want to use Indonesian, you will have to download more package.

Reviews will not only improve your quality of works, but sometimes, it can find defects on your product (it could be documentation, papers, software, etc). More over, review is proven to be very effective when it's done in a right manner. Start spending some time to review your work winking


  1. I could not agree more with you :) Sometimes it's hard for us to stop for a while to look back at what we've been working on, especially on tight schedule. And sometimes we thought that it's easier to rely on someone else to check on our work ;)

  2. It all came back to time management and well planning. You should plan a review session before the deadline, just to make sure it's completed, both in correctness and also in completeness.