Sunday, September 09, 2007

Playing With OracleXE

One of my first subject in my master program is about database management. It has a practical class also and it will use MySQL and also Oracle. I don't know which Oracle version will be used, so i just download the Oracle 10g Express Edition, which is free to use, develop, and also distribute. It's a simplified and lightweight version of Oracle Standard (or even worse Enterprise) version, so it will be easier to manage, but it also has some limitations even though you have higher specs than listed below:
- Only store up to 4GB of user data
- Use up to 1GB of memory
- Use one CPU on the host machine

The installation was very fast (since i left my computer up and running when i went to somewhere else tonight and when i came back, everything was fully installed).

Next step is to install the same application on my laptop. For this, i have to remove some of my applications, mostly games and unused files (i still have the backup on my desktop or portable hard disk), since Oracle will use to 2 GB of my space and i'm running out of space on my laptop. Installation was smooth, just like before.

I have unlocked the hr account, and then what?
I need to create a local account that i can use on daily activities without have to worry if i do something silly (just like in Linux where you are recommended to create local account for your daily activities). Next thing is to copy hr's data into mine. I tried to remember how to export and import hr's data into my local account by looking at the internet, and finally i finished it. Now it's already up and running smoothly big grin

I have used Oracle 9.2i before and it was very painful to manage the data at that time. Now, everything is controlled via web interface, so it ease the administrator's work. I wonder when will Oracle 11g Express Edition will come out.


  1. hello... could you teach me how to export my HR database in oracle XE ? I've just installed it and don't know how to do the backup.

    *Oracle newbie, OCP wanna be =)

  2. ups, lupa ::
    kalau bisa mas jawabannya dikirim juga ke bledaone et gmail dot com

    * takut lupa tuk berkunjung walau ada niat tuk berkunjung lagi

    Salam kenal =)

  3. Use exp and imp command at command prompt (not SQL Console) to do the export and import. That's all :D

    Good luck with it

    Salam kenal juga =)

  4. mas willy kalau dual core atau core2duo itu dianggap single processor atau dual ya?