Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mandriva Translations Started Again

Few days i ago, i browsed Mandriva's site and i found out that the SVN has been restored and it's working again, so i started a terminal and checkout all of the translations project again from the new SVN server (well, the old one was corrupted) and i have update some of the translations. I hope to update more files next week, as i will have more spare time. I hope it will make it on the next Mandriva 2008.0 release, even though i don't use Mandriva anymore.

One of the main problem here is the translations page. We used to have a page with some statistics number where we could see the statistics of each translations files. By looking at this page, we would know if there has been an update on each file. But since the page doesn't exist any longer, i had to check using this command every time:
msgfmt -c -v -o /dev/null id.po

Another problem is when you have very big file. Locating one line of change will be very hard. I hope Mandriva developer will revive the old page again.

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