Friday, September 28, 2007

No Uninstaller?

I just got this from's mailing list:
To all the OpenOffice users who might be interesting in trying out IBM Lotus Symphony (Beta):

DO NOT INSTALL IBM Lotus Symphony (Beta) !!!

I tried it out. It took over all of my OpenDoc file associations, without warning, and installed itself into a handful of other file associations. IT HAS NO UNINSTALLER, SO THESE CHANGES CANNOT BE EASILY REVERSED!

Basically, it made a mess out of my registry. Its taking me about an hour to fix it.

Can somebody give more details about this? Any experience or testimonials after using IBM Lotus Symphony? I know it's still Beta and it sure has bugs, but at least they should give confirmation if they want to change the file associations and they should have planned to make an uninstaller for the application just in case the user don't feel like to use it in the future.

I myself decided not to try out this application for several reasons:
1. It requires higher hardware specs.
2. It's based on the old OOo 1.1.4 code base.
3. It may not support ODF Specification as complete as OOo or any mature application
4. It's only limited to word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation application (perhaps they will release more bundle in the future, but i don't know yet)

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  1. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Lotus Symphony can be uninstalled using the Windows Control Panel add/remove programs function.