Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Curious About OOo 2.3?

Well, i do and i found some information (not the final one though) about some new features that will likely appeared on OOo 2.3. It's quite a big improvements, but OOo team has made it very clear that they don't like to use Big Bang approach. They know how user will react if they implement a MAJOR changes in the main components (you know what i'm talking about).

One of the nice thing that most people wanted is having a sound on Impress presentation. They have waited for a long time and finally it's here for you (well, you will have to wait until the final 2.3 which is predicted to be released next week).

I also have some complaint about PDF Export features. The file size is different when i use Windows and Linux operating system. When i use Linux, the size is doubled, thus i got a bigger file. I don't know why, but in OOo 2.3, they have improved the PDF Export filter, so it's most likely that we will get smaller and consistent file size, both in Windows and Linux.

OOo 2.3 also brings in some security enhancement, by setting the default macro security level from medium to high. This will make executing macro a little bit harder, but prevents malicious macro, such as Bunny.

I think it will be a great release and everybody is waiting for it right now. Viva OpenOffice.org party

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