Thursday, September 13, 2007

Introduce Yourself

Have you ever received an email message from someone you don't know and then bombing you with questions which is actually easy to solve if you read the documentation? Well, i had this several time. For me, it's not a big problem, but for some people, it's very annoying, since most of the cases, the sender never introduced him/herself before asking. Introducing is very simple. One or two line will work it out, but sometime it's forgotten. Also, sometimes, they wanted ASAP answers or writing using CAPITAL WORDS LIKE THIS. This is usually done by people who never read about how to ask by Eric S. Raymond. It's a good document and being referred by a lot of people when there's a person who doesn't follow the guidance. Even though it's a technical guidance for developers, but in reality, it can be used in most cases, like in forum, discussion room, chat rooms, mailing list, etc.

So if you want to start asking, don't forget to introduce yourself first and also don't forget to read the document above. It will increase your chance to be replied by the recipient.

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