Monday, September 03, 2007

Baggage Lost

Last night, i had a chat with my ex-colleague. He is in Netherlands right now and i asked him how about the flight. He said it was OK, except for one small problem. He almost lost his bag. So his bag was considered lost and then after few days, they found it and it's still in pending status. So, i don't know how he survived without any clothes there. I guess he had to borrow from his friends.

We had this situation for several times, not only for Indonesian people who travels abroad but also vice versa. When some people from Netherlands came into my office, they had their own experience about this, but it was not always in Indonesian airport (most of them are outside Indonesia).

Does anybody has this kind of experience also?


  1. When we arrived in Dhaka last year the people in BA had three computer printouts: one list of baggage definitely on the plane; one list of baggage definitely not on the plane; and one list for baggage which they just weren't sure about (!).

    In these days of global terrorism it was reassuring that one of the world's biggest airlines knew exactly what went onto their planes and what didn't...

    (You guessed it - our baggage was on the "don't know" list and wasn't on the plane. BA gave us 3,000 Taka per lost bag until our bags turned up on the next flight, two days later.)

  2. Thanks for the shares John :D
    I never went abroad myself, so i haven't had this experience yet.

    Probably someday i will try to go abroad, but i definitely don't want to have this experience :D