Saturday, September 01, 2007

My First Class

This morning, i attended my first class for my master program at UGM. The class started at 8 AM and since i have two sessions, it ended at about 12:40 PM (with breaks between sessions of course). First session was talking about Model and Information System, by Daliyo and the second one was about Database Management System by Retantyo. The class was fun, and since the students were not that much (around 24 people i guess), we mostly will know each other very well (most of them have met each other in the matriculation class, but not me and the other two people who passed the exam and can go on without having to go through matriculation again).

Tomorrow, i will have my class again, but this time, 3 sessions (1 is practical class) and it will ended around 3:40 PM. Feels like a new students again big grin