Thursday, September 06, 2007

New IPods From Apple

Yesterday, Apple held an event and they wanted to announced something new and they did. They have released a new version of IPod, which is similar with IPhone, but without any phone capabilities. That means you will get better visual animation, multi-touch interface, bigger display, WiFi features, and many more. It's called IPod Touch. They came in two versions, 8 GB and 16 GB, starting at US$ 299.

They also change the old IPod Video into IPod Classic and came with a new design (new design changes applies to IPod Video and IPod Nano). It has bigger display and slimmer size. It also has rounded borders, which means it's slicker than ever. The great thing is that IPod Classic and Nano is now able to play videos. Both IPod Classic and IPod Nano have their storage capacity upgraded up to 160 GB for IPod Classic and 4 and 8 GB for IPod Nano.

You might want to check PCWorld's video about this IPod

Nice works Apple applause

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