Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bigger Requirements

I already have a feeling that someday, IBM will release it's office application to the public, but i don't expect this soon (after the announcements that they will join OOo for the collaboration). When i saw the news (via Vavai), i tried to gather more information about this and i browsed their site.

At first, i was amazed on the user interface. It has better interface than OOo (even though it's said that it used the same OOo code for this product). It has good icon also. BUT.. what surprise me more is the requirements:

* Supported Windows platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
* Supported Linux platforms: SLED 10, RHEL 5, Redhat5
* 900MB disk space minimum
* 1GB RAM memory minimum
* US English locale

They support fewer platform, and need more resources than OOo. Also, it's only available on US English for now (does i18n version will follow soon?). Well, it's their debuts and they still have plenty of time to make this application better along with(out) OOo community.

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