Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Get Ready For Opera 9.5

Based on an early reports by Ryan From CybernetNews, Opera 9.5 will have a lot of new features in their next release (they planned to release alpha version on Tuesday, September 4). Not only the speed, but also the compatibility to the web standards and also performance. Here's the list of updates related to the rendering machine:
* A lot more CSS3 support, including complete Selectors
* Support for JavaScript 1.5 Getters and Setters
* AJAX compatibility has been improved
* New JavaScript engine that is faster and more efficient
* Improved HTML table layout algorithm

Most of this information has also been published by Opera Desktop Team on their blog. I think it's quite a big improvements on Opera, mostly the URL search capability. Check the video guys and you will (most likely) be impressed with the new features that Opera will bring in Kestrel (codename for Opera 9.5).


  1. Thanks for the head's-up. It will be interesting to see what new features and bugs end up being really included in the release.

  2. In that case, wait for next week (if the scheduled is normal)

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