Sunday, September 30, 2007

Managing Server Easily

Once, i met a person whom was forced to become a sysadmin on his office, even though he never had that kind of background. He was one of the IT support division, but lately, his boss wanted him to handle the servers with all those nitty bitty configuration (as usual, bosses wanted other people to be able to do lot of things). It's a very unwise decision, since sysadmin is responsible for taking care the servers and the infrastructure of the office. It's not a job that every people can do (even though many people learn it by doing it). He's taking a big risk, mostly if they had a public servers.

If you want to have a single application that can help you manage your servers easily, i would recommend Webmin. It's is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix (and it also works on Windows lately). It already supports lots of modules, and it's very easy to add more modules on the application itself. This application will be suitable if you install Usermin also (if you want to manage mail servers). It uses modules as well as Webmin.

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