Saturday, September 08, 2007

Real Time Collaboration

One day (i don't really remember when, but it's quite a long time ago), i got a question about He said that it was possible to have a shared document and do some collaborative work on it (meaning several people access the file simultaneously and work together), but he used Microsoft Office (i don't remember the version, but i guess it's 2003 and above). He asked whether this feature is already available on I said it wasn't available (please correct me if i'm wrong, but i have never seen this feature on OOo campaign and also on any tutorial i found for OOo). He was hoping that he could have the same features he had on his previous office suite. I can't do anything about that.

In the Office 2.0 event, Google and several other vendors have stated that "The future of work will include real-time collaboration". I really hoped that this features are not only implemented on Google Docs, but also in, because it's one of the critical features that most companies need when they wanted to migrate their application to We are not talking about a single application that can access single file, but a single file can be accessed by several application and the users can work in collaboration, thus increasing productivity as they don't have to wait until other users close the file first.

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