Thursday, January 10, 2008

Be Patient

After migrating to the new engine, a lot of changes was introduced and i know that not everybody like the changes. They want the same feature that was available on the previous engine. It's common behavior. Me also for some points, like the old one rather the new one, but whether i like or dislike, it's already being upgraded so i have to stop disliking it and start liking it big grin

We do notice several problem, but now most of them has been resolved. Here are the example:
  • Search function is now working (after one day of indexing about 77000 posts whew! phpBB3 has a nice continue indexing feature, so we can continue from the last post that was indexed or it will be a hard job for the admins)
  • Due to the indexing process, the performance of the forum is a little bit downgraded, but since it's finished, the performance is back to normal again
  • People wants quick reply like the old forum, and today i have made it available for you guys big grin (i have to admit, the changes for applying quick reply in phpBB3 is really evil, since the howto was made for RC release and some of them has changed after the final release. No wonder it was called Evil Quick Reply devil)
  • Some post were missing due to the conversion. I can't do anything about this. Sorry guys...
  • BBAntiSpam has been installed again to protect forum from spammers. It's not as much difference with the installation on phpBB2, so no big problem here.
  • Since the logo size is different with the old phpBB2, it's better to hold a Contest Logo instead of forcing it. I have tried this and the tux logo was very fat rolling on the floor
One problem that was still discussed in the forum is about the attachments. phpBB3 permits attachments in the private messages. I personally dislike this feature, since if it's not well configured, it would fill up the space. I prefer to use Pastebin if they want to share code or configuration files. For now, i will enable attachment, but with some limitation on the file size.

I know most of you will ask for more in the future, but please be patient guys. I will work as fast as i can do, but without breaking the forum. That's why i usually take some time reading the conversations on the MOD forums before applying some MOD, since i want to make sure it won't break. Well, the good news is that for now, no MOD is breaking the forum laughing

This forum also offer bunch of new features. I don't know all of them, so there might be some setting that were wrongly configured. Please let me know if you find one

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