Monday, January 28, 2008

Driver License Checking

As usual, i took Mangkubumi street when i wanted to go back from my office. From far away, i saw lots of police officer standing in the road, meaning there will be a driver license checking session (i had this few weeks ago). Since i'm not planning to go straight (as a matter of fact, i'm turning right), i moved to the right side and turn right, but when i turned, i saw a policeman forcing other people to go straight and have a checking session even though he wanted to go right. This is very annoying (mostly when it's done at noon when the weather is very hot like nowadays). They could have made the checking session far before the T-junction, but in reality, they did it after the T-junction, forcing people to go through Malioboro.

As you probably aware, the road structure around Malioboro has been changed and it's getting more crowded, thanks to the new road structure, so it's best to avoid Malioboro at peak hours. That's the same reason why i never go through Malioboro if i have another choice. I prefer to go through Mangkubumi > Tentara Pelajar which is less crowded.

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