Saturday, January 12, 2008

Distributed Database

Today i got a task from my lecture about distributed database application which should use replication and fragmentation feature. I have an idea about the task, but what confused me is the resources needed. I will need two until three public server that can be configured to enable replication on MySQL (i definitely need root / administrator system account for that). So far, i could only use one of my campus proxy server (it's not yet being used as a proxy as it's still under testing, so i could use it).

The other computer is my own computer at my office, but unfortunately, it didn't have any public IP, so the only computer that could connect to it is the proxy server (well, actually there are several other public server, but i don't have root access on it, so it's quite useless). Any ideas or any help on this? big grin

I wish my team member has their own servers, so we could start working on it.


  1. Emm, maybe 3 virtualbox/vmware guest on a physical machine?

  2. unfortunately, my laptop is out of space and i couldn't use this solution (i have think about it also)