Friday, January 04, 2008

Fixed Office

Finally i have my own office with Mr. Katon as his partner, Miss Lucia moved to another room. I have set the table (it's still empty though) and a computer (which will be formatted next week and will be replaced by Slackware Linux). For now, i don't need a shelter to place my books, since i mostly make my materials at home.

The computer i got only have 256 MB for the RAM and it's running Windows XP SP2 currently. I was considering to take the other computer, but it has the biggest space, 80 GB, compared to the other who only had 20-40 GB (it's not a high-spec computers sad), but with 512 MB of RAM. Upgrading new RAM is easier than upgrading HDD, so i pick the 80 GB and with 256 of RAM. I think that's fast enough to run Slackware big grin

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