Saturday, January 26, 2008

OOo 3.0?

Linux users will be pleased by news about the release schedule of OOo 3.0. As stated by Charles-H. Schulz:
This year will be remembered as the year of the “3.0″ for Besides the obvious symbolic value of the version number, the is readying itself to what will be a crucial release for its future.
What do you mean by release for it's future? Well, OOo does not only work on their products, but all of the components that supports OOo are being upgraded as well, for example:
- The Marketing Project, is busy revamping entire portions of the web site, while new means of communication (a blog aggregator) are being tested.
- The User Interface project fosters users’ input in order to improve the existing user interface
- Changes in the code base that leads to componentizing and build a rich client based on the UNO technology
- Many more....

So when will OOo 3.0 be released then? I can't tell the exact date, since i'm not the one who can tell you, but some prediction was said to be at Mid September (from OOo Marketing Blog). It has been set on the Wiki, but hey.. let's face it. Anything can go wrong and it might get delayed, but at least, you know that it will be released this year

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