Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ways of Finding Money

People have their ways of finding money. Some people do it legally and ethically, while the others don't. I'm not going to say who do legally and who are don't (i'm not an expert on laws). I just want to show one example of unethical ways of finding money that was recently happened in Indonesian Linux Forum.

As usual, everyday, i got email from the forum about new member and i approve them. While the spam from foreign country is really reduced after i installed BBAntiSpam, the local spammers don't, since most of them are done manually (so normal people join the forum and post them in several places like what you can see in the picture). The results? of course they can post whatever they like and it's only time before the admin and moderator notice them (since we have quite an active moderators) and delete their post and delete the username.

This is one good example of unethical ways of finding money. I'm sure you who runs forum like phpBB or vBulletin also had this problem big grin

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  1. Harusna spammer luar negri outsourcing aja ya pake tenaga kerja indonesia hahaha..

    Rajin banget loh bikin spam tapi manual hahaha..