Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lost and Found

Last night, i went to Ambarukmo Plaza and i saw an interesting thing when i wanted to collect the reward point at PASC (one of the division of Plaza Ambarukmo for information service and point exchange). There were a lot of lost and found items displayed. Most of them were ATM cards that were left behind after they made a transactions (probably they dropped it). Alex had this problem before and his card was found.

It's unfortunate that those cards were kept by the authorized people and not being misused. Otherwise, most people will lost their money (if the thief know how to crack the PIN combination). This is one thing i like in ATM cards rather than credit card. Credit card doesn't have any protection at all. You can use other's credit card without any problem, since most of the time, the cashier officer never checked the holder identity and also whether the signature of the credit card matched with the signature on the receipt. You can only complaints only after the bill has arrived next month (and you will have to deal with the police station and also bank).

I wonder when will the bank and credit card provider start considering giving better protection for it's customer? I heard that there was a plan to integrate an electronic chip, but i never heard of it again. If i'm not mistaken, it should be implemented this year.

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