Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Trip In 2008

I have came back from my first trip in 2008. It was supposed to be two days trip, but my sister hasn't finished her task in Jogja, so we had to cut our trip to one day (one night actually) and we came back to Jogja today.

Yesterday, i went to Semarang around 11 AM and we reached there at 4 PM. Yes, i know it's unusual. Usually, it won't take that long, but we had lunch break at Magelang and also looking for goodies to be given as a gift which took more than one and half hours. Plus, the weather wasn't that good and also the traffic was very crowded. Nowadays, lots of trucks and buses were crossing and some of them were reckless, so i tend to slow down and stay calm behind the slow truck, mostly when the road was going up.

I arrived there at 4 PM and we directly went to my cousin's house to see the baby. He was very cute. His name is Rafael (i don't know the full name). Too bad, i didn't bring my digicam, so i couldn't take a picture and send it to my grand father in the US. He will be happy to see his first great grand son has born. At night, we went to dinner to celebrate my auntie's birthday. I slept at 9 PM and i woke up this morning at around 8 AM (i was too **** tired yesterday. Two days ago, i played cards with my cousins until 4 AM yesterday morning and at 10 AM, i drive to Semarang).

This morning, we went to buy gifts for my family and my girlfriend in Jogja and also going to the doctors for my sister. When i bought spring roll in "Gang Lombok" (near Chinatown area in Semarang), i saw a big ship in front of the Budhist Temple. It was like Noah's ship in the bible. I didn't know what that ship means, but it was very huge.

While looking for gifts, i realize that some areas in Semarang was flooded with water. Two days ago, heavy rains dropped at Semarang and it caused the water risen up and since the drainage was so bad, the water couldn't go down and in the end, some part was filled with water (even the road), causing problems to lots of people.

At noon, we left Semarang around 4 PM and heading to Jogja. The weather was (again) very bad and it was raining heavily. But, the trip was faster and i arrived in Jogja around 7 PM safely. It was a nice trip, and it would be great if we could stay longer, but duty calls. My email account is full of new messages, new forum member i should approve, any many more.....

So let's get back to work people.... big grin

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