Friday, January 25, 2008

Old Reunion

This morning, i met my Junior High School teacher, Mrs. Lily when i was going to go to the office. She was heading back to school from the church because there was a ceremony at the church and all of the students were there too. I still recognize her and so did her. She was a teacher who was responsible for my class when i was in third year.

This kind of reunion was not only done at junior high school. When i was still at high school, we often visit our teacher in elementary school when we had our reunion (mostly once a year, but sometimes two times when we had a chance). Now, most of our teachers had retired, so we couldn't visit them at school again. It's so nostalgic remembering that we had a nice reunion with our teachers back then.

I still conduct our reunion with my friends at elementary school and we have done it last year. Perhaps we could do it again this year.

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