Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Private Connection

I now got a new private connection. Previously, i share the connection with my cousin. We are using Speedy for the ISP. Few month ago, i got an information that Speedy is offering 50% discount off for lecturer and it will be one year duration. So i was thinking of applying another Speedy account for myself, since i had some difficulties when i wanted to download something big meanwhile my cousin is using the Internet for online game. So finally i applied last month.

Since it was the end of the year, they couldn't process the form as fast as usual, so i had to wait. Finally the technician came today and prepare the network infrastructure and also setting up the modem and my account. Now it's already online, so i can unplug my cable which goes to my cousin's modem, since i have my own cable now.

By getting private connection, i can download more files and also use it freely big grin

1 comment:

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